Return to Regular Service

July 1, 2020

Hello Westmonte Family,

As we all try to return to our normal way of life, we have decided to reopen our doors to all humans again.

However, there are a few changes that we have implemented to help keep our staff, our clients, and their families safe, as we all learn our new way of life.

  1) All individuals who enter the hospital must have a mask on. If you don't have a mask or forgot your mask, we can provide one for a minimal fee. If you can not wear a mask for medical reasons, we understand and encourage you to make a drop-off appointment.

  2) We will allow one person in the exam room along with their pet(s) at any given time. 

While we love keeping animals healthy, it is equally important that we keep their humans safe too. Therefore, we have implemented these basic requirements so that we can all be safe to minimize the risk of anyone contracting COVID-19. 

Thank you for your understanding.


Dr. Matagrano

Curbside Service

March 25, 2020

Hello Westmonte Family,

Over the past week we have made changes to our clinic procedures to help keep everyone safe. Now as COVID-19 shows little sign of slowing it’s progress, we must adapt even further to protect our staff, our families, and our clients. 

To do this, we will be complying with the recommendations of the CDC (Center and Disease and Control) as well as the AVMA (America Veterinary Medical Association).

Starting Thursday, March 26, Westmonte Animal Clinic will be starting Curbside Service. What does this mean? 

This means, that at 8 AM Thursday, our doors will be locked to all humans that are not on staff with Westmonte Animal Clinic. Yet, while we may have locked out the human counterparts to our patients, we will still be treating all sick and wellness appointments as done prior to starting Curbside Services. At this time, we will NOT be taking walk-in appointments until further notice. DROP-OFF appointments are still being offered and can be scheduled at your convenience if the Curbside Service does not work into your schedule.

How does Curbside Service work you ask?

 As mentioned, all veterinary appointments sick and wellness will continue during curbside service in the following manner: 

1. Once you enter our parking lot, you will remain in your car while you call the clinic number (407) 862-6892 to notify our staff that you have arrived. We will then proceed to check you in over the phone. At that time, we will verify the phone number you’re calling from to make certain we can reach you immediately while we treat your pet.


2. Your car will act as our waiting room and you will remain in your car until it is time for your pet to been seen. Once the staff is ready for you, a staff member will call you back to obtain your pet’s medical history and discuss any concerns.

3. A staff member will then come to your car to get your pet. The staff will bring your pet inside to be examined by the doctor while you wait in your car. After the examination, the doctor will call you to discuss the findings and treatment(s), as well as answer any of your questions.

     - ALL dogs MUST be on a leash waiting outside of the car with you for the staff

member to pick up to take inside the clinic. Our staff will use our leashes and 

your pet's leash will stay with you in the car.

     - ALL cats MUST be in a secured carrier outside of your car for our staff member

to pick up to bring inside. NO personal belongings (blankets, toys etc.) will be

inside the cat carrier prior to entering the clinic.


4. Once your pet has received all of his/her treatments, a staff member will call one final time to obtain your payment over the phone. After payment has been processed we will bring your pet back to your car.

Please note we will not remove the pet from your car for you or place the pet back into your car to keep exposure to any potential concerns as minimal as possible for our staff. 

**WARNING** Any dog or cat that can not be safely brought into the clinic or handled easily by our staff alone without your assistance will need to be rescheduled at a later date when you can be present to assist our staff as needed. 

Please continue to fowl our Facebook page and website for all updates.

Thank you for you patience and understanding,

Dr. Matagrano

Supply Chain Interruption

March 20, 2020

To Our Westmonte Family,

Westmonte Animal Clinic is starting to see delays in receiving our supplies from our vendors for drugs and prescription foods.

Drugs that once took 24-48 hours to receive such as, Vetmedin, Furosemide, Carprofen, and Apoquel, could take up to 1-2 weeks to receive at this time in extreme cases. This also holds true for special need prescription pet food. While we have only had a delay of about 2 days thus far for most of our orders, we believe delivery times will continue to get longer.

We urge all of our clients that require medication and/or pet food to order in advance of your actual need to prevent any interruption in your pet's care. We will do everything we can to maintain inventory of medications for your pets, but please understand that there will be times this is going to be difficult.


Dr. Matagrano

Covid-19 Update

March 19, 2020

To Our Westmonte Family,

While at this time we continue to operate under our normal hours of operation, we wanted to share the actions Westmonte Animal Clinic has taken to try to reduce the impact of the current health risks to our clients and staff.

Our attention to cleanliness has always been important us. However, today we require even more diligence in our attention to cleanliness. Below are some of the changes we have made to our cleaning regiment and scheduling to better protect you and our staff.

  Exam Room Rotation

In our new facility we are fortunate to have four exam rooms. Starting immediately, we will be operating out of only two exam rooms at any one time. This will provide our staff ample time to thoroughly disinfect all surfaces and chairs after each pet has been seen, while continuing to work in the other two exam rooms that had previously remained empty.

  Increased Cleaning

In addition to the thorough cleaning of the exam rooms, we have increased our disinfection routine to multiple times per day. All counter tops, chairs, bathrooms, tables, floors, etc., throughout the entire hospital, will be wiped down, mopped and disinfected multiple times throughout each day.

  Drop-Off Exams

Due to the recent events, we have heard more individuals express their concerns about needing to care for their pets but also needing to stay home due to school closings or health concerns. As a result of this, we have increased our capacity for drop-off appointments. 

If you were not aware, we provide the option to make a drop-off appointment at no extra cost, which can help minimize the amount of time you need to spend inside the hospital, while allowing you to still give your pets the care they need. This is a great option for sick pets, as well as those that need their yearly vaccines and wellness care. 

If drop-off appointments better fit your needs than time scheduled appointments and you want to learn more, please feel free to call us (407) 862-6892.


We will start making smaller updates concerning any changes via our Facebook and/or Instagram feeds. Please follow us and check back regularly for any updates.


Thank you for your patience and understanding. Nothing is more important than the health of our clients and staff.



Dr. Matagrano